Things really seem to have caught fire recently. The good kind of fire. The life-giving stuff Prometheus stole for us, not the damnation obsessed, punitive, hell kind of fire. I’m working on several creative projects at the moment, all of which are progressing nicely and opening doors for further creative projects down the line.

I’ve written a Young Adult novel, Shade, which is gaining some momentum. I’m also working with two great artists to produce two separate comic books, The Last Enemy  and Tides. And since launching these creative endeavors, inspiration has set my brain on fire. I’ve started drafts for another novel and a few more comics and couldn’t be more excited to keep building worlds and characters and manipulate them in grand fashion. Creativity is simply oozing from every orifice. But in a totally good way.

So follow along as I usher these projects from idea in my head to physical thing that you can look at. And stay tuned for some exciting news and updates!

Not this kind
This kind

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