The Last Enemy Character Intro: Libra

The Last Enemy tells a tale of Cosmic Balance. When the scales tip too far in one direction, favoring Life over Death, Fear over Hope, Chaos over Order, the Universe trembles, the fabric of existence strains at the seams. If left uncorrected, reality burns along the edges, erupts like a wildfire, and everything turns to ash.

Pantheon is responsible for keeping the balance. One of the more extreme methods it employs in doing so is Libra. Libra is a squad of highly trained assassins tasked with sanctioning any threat to the balance. They serve as the fail safe should the Avatars, physical incarnations of the cosmic forces of balance, ever forget their purpose and go off the rails. You know how you take down an Avatar? God Bullets, that’s how!

Check out the inked character design sketches by Garrick Dean.


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