The Slip

Solomon and Odessa Burke’s lives have been torn apart. After their daughter, Cordelia, is killed, Odessa becomes obsessed with The Law of Constants – If it exists in one universe, it exists in every universe. She fully immerses herself in her research on interdimensional travel while Solomon sinks into an isolated depression. An accident at Odessa’s lab strands both of them in The Slip, a space between dimensions, and in the heart of a war. Now they must fight their way through alien armies and worlds to reunite their family. But they must also decide at what cost. Will they tear the Universe apart if it means putting their world back together?

Constant is a weekly webcomic, updated every Wednesday, with art from Rafael Desquitado. Follow the adventure at


The Last Enemy

The Universal Balance is a fragile thing that’s been maintained by the god-like Avatars and the shadow government, Pantheon, since the dawn of humanity. The coming of the Harbinger, a being of untold destructive potential, threatens to tip the cosmic scales and wash everything away in a wave of white hot apocalyptic heat. Killey, a grizzled, suicidal assassin and Bastian, the twelve-year-old bastard son of Death, must manage to balance their own destructive natures if they are to save existence.

Art for the Last Enemy is being done by Garrick Dean.



Exciting news regarding Tides is coming soon…

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